Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee. I'm sure you've heard that world tossed around once or twice. So what makes it different? What makes it special? What makes it, well, Turkish?


We understand that some people just can't let go of exercise - even for a few days. Once a runner, always a runner. Or something like that... Here are the best places to run in Istanbul.

Istanbul Travel Tips

Istanbul, upon first glance, holds so much to be discovered. The other day we took the bike out and went deep into the streets behind our apartment.

Flickr of Istanbul

There's a nice group on Flickr where people from all around the world add to the pool of images of Istanbul that I've been following for years. Here are some of... Read More...


We have a new project in the works - it's called Untraveled. You can check it out at untraveled.comIt's a digital platform where we want to bring together t... Read More...

Street Art Istanbul

There is a fantastic organization in Istanbul that provides us all with a beautiful mobile app that allows you to discover the street art in this amazing city. ... Read More...

Jamie and Selda

Her career as a professional musician started in 1971, during her final year at the university, with the encouragement and support of the Ankara-based music pro... Read More...

Turkish music at its best: Cem Karaca

For millions of Turks the musician Cem Karaca, who has died of a heart attack aged 58, was a phenomenon who, for nearly four decades mirrored the transformations of his homeland, displayed resolute unwillingness to accept the dead hand of authority, and embodied aspirations for peace and social justice.