Bosphorus Istanbul Droned

A wonderful birds-eye view of Istanbul and especially the areas around the Bosphorus Istanbul shot by the BlackSheep team. The video shows unique aspects of this amazing city, not to be missed!

Team BlackSheep was called in by Koc Holding for a day of filming in various locations in and around Bosphorus Istanbul and former Constantinople. A lot of love and dedication went into this video, please honor it with a thumbs up and favorite.


I was sitting by the Bosphorus Istanbul this afternoon. Pretty much because I wanted to. And because I was searching for inspiration. What better place to find it? I’m sure I wouldn’t be the first to find it there. An amazing, multi-coloured sunset was strutting its stuff on my right, the bridge on the left was beginning to come to life with its flickering, changing lights. Boats were navigating the treacherous waters, people were fishing, talking, eating, drinking, asking me to take pictures of them. Some stars were even starting to shimmer against the dark backdrop that night usually brings with it.

As I was sitting there, it occurred to me that I should be feeling small. Tiny. Insignificant. With all the life that was happening around me, all the nature that was just, being so natural, all the history that had occurred right where my butt was seeking comfort. And there I was, just a little speck within it all. What right did I have to feel anything else?

Well, right or no right, I felt huge. Massive. Big. Powerful. Alive. I didn’t feel like I ruled it all. It wasn’t that at all. But I also didn’t feel like it ruled me. I didn’t feel better than it, and I didn’t feel as though it were better or more important than me. I think that what I was feeling was connection. A profound understanding that we all existed together. The nature, the people, the history, the universe. If it hadn’t been for all those people that had been there before me, I wouldn’t have been there. If it wasn’t for those people that were living their life around me, I would have been alone. It it wasn’t for the bench that I was sitting on, I wouldn’t have been able to sit. If it wasn’t for the stars, for the waterway, for the green hills, I would have been in a barren, desolate, lifeless wasteland.

I wouldn’t exist without it. Or my existence insofar as it was existing wouldn’t exist. Likewise, it wouldn’t have existed in that same way without me. We were both existing for one another.

I can’t describe how I am behaving without describing how the environment around me is behaving. If I am sitting, as I am currently doing, it goes without saying that I must be sitting on something, in some place. I can’t just be sitting in empty space. Therefore, my entire existence is dependent on the environment in which I find myself, and visa versa. In this moment, as in every moment, I am the universe. The difference being that in this moment I am more aware of that fact. The external world is my own body extended. We are one. ‘I’ becomes nothing more than a word of position; like ‘this’ or ‘here’. What I am doing is what the whole universe is doing in the place that I call ‘here and now’. We didn’t come into this world, we came out of it. We are a creation of this world. We are the big bang evolving, progressing, maturing. And we are all connected.

I believe that this is the great secret of life. That we are all connected. Human beings have the capacity for such great empathy because they see a little bit of themselves in everybody else around them. That’s why children in Africa are sending snowflakes to kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. They have the capacity for such compassion because they were connected to those children who were shot, just as they’re connected to those kids who are still alive. When we realize this, when we realize that we are all connected, everything and everyone, we can start to live.

I guess that, in the end, I was inspired whilst sitting on the water’s edge. Mainly because this blog post became about something that I didn’t think it would be about. At all. But that’s the whole idea of inspiration. To let an idea take hold and take you to faraway places that you never would have arrived at otherwise. It is giving yourself up to that idea. Letting your thoughts and words and feelings and emotions be whisked away on that whim of good fortune. Not focusing on the result, not being attached to the final outcome. But just enjoying the journey. So if this conclusion doesn’t please you, don’t worry about it. Just pretend you enjoyed the journey of reading it up to this point.


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