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07 Mar: Volunteering in Istanbul

While researching potential non-profit partners for The Other Tour in Istanbul, I came across TOFD (Turkiye Omurilik Felclileri Dernegi, or, The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey). They dedicate themselves to protecting and improving the educational, occupational, legal, economic, social and cultural rights and benefits as well as ensuring employment, social integration and applicability of human rights for people who have suffered spinal cord paralysis. Established an entity though TOFD is, it still has trouble finding volunteers to assist with their numerous projects, even for just an hour or two a day.

21 Feb: Change

The first challenge in changing a certain aspect of our own life is to accept the status quo. Accept that things are the way they are and that you are the way you are. Be able to criticize your own personality or lifestyle, but be able to do it from a place of love, not self-loathing or self-remorse.