There are thousands upon thousands of hotels in Istanbul with new ones popping up everywhere as Istanbul’s popularity is increasing year after year. We have done an extensive research on the most interesting and creative hotels in istanbul for staying in Istanbul for those who want a ‘one of a kind’ experience in this unparalleled city. Top 5 Istanbul Unique Hotels!



A Unique Hotel in a unique neighborhood

Located in Arnavutköy (a calm, village-type of neighbourhood on the Bosphorus right between two party towns: Kuruçeşme and Bebek), this hotel’s distinguished interior design and breath-taking views make it worthy of entering our list. In one of the most interesting neighbourhoods of the city, the hotel is about 6 miles from the city centre, which, although it feels like its in a completely new city, really isn’t so far away. The cute little Spanish restaurant and kitchen that you can use inside the hotel are not too chubby either. Go for this one if you want to stay at a great boutique hotel with unique character in an amazing neighbourhood by the Bosphorus and one of the best hotels in Istanbul.


Special feature: Your choice of Ottoman essences in your room

This hotel is in a 19th century Ottoman mansion where an Ottoman perfumer, Hassan Ahmed, lived. The place has been restored very nicely and it now  serves as one of the most special and unique hotels in the city. Besides its 8 wonderful rooms, it offers something incredibly special: you can ask the management to arrange your selection of Ottoman essence to accompany you in your room. The place is situated in the old town, right near all the major tourist attractions. So, if you want to stay in a different place and still be in walking distance to all the ‘must see’ monuments of Istanbul, this is a sweet option. A very convenient option of all hotels in Istanbul.


HOTEL DAPHNIS (New name: Hotel Troya Balat)

A golden place by the Golden Horn!

On top of a string of traditional stone houses with high ceilings and frescoes on their walls, the hotel is located in Fener. You know how there is the old town, well I’ve always called this part of the city ‘the older town’… Fener, being the old Greek minority neighbourhood of Constantinople, truly is a hidden gem that is yet to be discovered by the majority of visitors . If you decide to stay in Daphnis you will have the chance to look over a beautiful 4 km long inlet of Bosphorus called Haliç (Golden Horn in English) and walk through the streets of Fener to observe the historic texture and cultural diversity of the old and new Istanbul.



Unique, spectacular, elegant, comfortable, private and convenient…

Sumahan is a rare Bosphorus-front property that has remained in the hands of the original family. Turkish-American owner-architects Nedret and Mark Butler have transformed an unlikely family heirloom – a derelict late Ottoman alcohol factory – into special retreat for visitors to the modern city. Its aim is to provide the highest degree of service to the independent traveller in the intimacy of a family-owned hotel. The hotel is just outside Çengelköy, a part of the city that still preserves its air of an authentic Bosphorus neighourhood. It is a village of wooden houses, fish restaurants and seaside promenades.



Nature, class, comfort, relaxation…

Located in a neighborhood called Şile that’s at least 1 hour outside the city center, Lavanda offers you a unique chance to escape the chaos and hassles of the city and enjoy Istanbul’s calming and refreshing natural atmosphere. Nowadays using the words Istanbul and nature in one sentence would sound absurd to many, as there is not much nature left inside the city. Lavanda is a superb facility with a lot to offer. Just take a look at their website if you are in a ‘sweet escape’ mood…