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Istanbul photos

Photos of Istanbul taken during The Other Tour.


The short film Wrinkles of the City relates the portraits from JR's Istanbul project to the tales of the local elderly, thus reflecting the traces of time on the city's architecture through each character's intimate story.

Laura’s Istanbul

Here are some amazing pictures Laura (from Australia) took. She and her 3 good friends joined The Other Tour in May and we had a wonderful time together. She is a therapist in Australia and we had great conversations all through the day. I…

The Other Tour Flickr Photos

Here are some of our favorite images uploaded to Flickr with the hashtag #theothertour by The Other Tour participants over the last four years. The Other Tour is a culture tour in Istanbul that helps travelers explore this city in unique…


"This Film was captured during our classtrip to Istanbul. We spend six days in a beautiful small hostel near Taksim, The City is on one side absolutly beautiful but on the other totally creazy - 16-20 million citizens -, it is hectic but…