The Other Tour Flickr Photos

Here are some of our favorite images uploaded to Flickr with the hashtag #theothertour by The Other Tour participants over the last four years.

The Other Tour is a culture tour in Istanbul that helps travelers explore this city in unique and creative ways. Our main goal is to get people truly engaged with today’s Istanbul. And for that, we have to think outside the box and show things to people outside the box. And the box is called typical touristy areas of Istanbul, aka formerly known as Constantinople.

There have been thousands of pictures of Istanbul and the moments of her during The Other Tour taken both by our team but mostly the thousands of participants who joined the tour since 2011. Lots of pictures I have been sent to have been lost unfortunately. So now I’m collecting them on the internet and there are some pretty good ones on Flickr. So in this post we gather some of our favorites and share them with you.

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