“The ultimate hipster of all tours”

The Other Tour lives up to its name. As promised, it is an experience rather than a simple excursion. Instead of the usual blah-blah you would get with a standard tour guide, Fethi challenges you to actively participate and not only hear about the history but actually make some history happen! It is a head-on experience where you will use all of your senses to feel the city and its customs.
The itinerary itself was improvised (and adapted accordingly) throughout the day depending on our mood.

Do not set your mind to do everything that you have seen mentioned in a review or description because things change and different people appreciate different settings, but there is something for everybody.


Architecture lovers will enjoy the casual stroll along fine examples of the beautiful yali mansions; coffee addicts will crave another sip of that freshly brewed cup of Turkish coffee and nature freaks will find their inner peace when walking in the area around the acclaimed Bosphorus University campus.

Another moment worth praising was crossing the Bosphorus strait in what you could only describe as a taxi boat, meaning it could fit around 8 people so in no way it compares to the huge cruise boats you see at the docks in Eminonu.

Much more intimate and truly a thing you´d never step your foot on if you are not together with a local, so a huge thanks to both our guides for that!

All in all, The Other Tour is the ultimate hipster of all tours. It is straight up bordering between something ridiculously awesome and being almost too cool for its own good.

That being said, before embarking on the journey, be well prepared both physically and mentally, leave your inhibitions at home and just let yourself go. We live from experience to experience and that is what this tour is about. Enjoy!