We should just say it upfront, Istanbul nightclubs may not be the best in the world but they do the job. We have many of them and they are not so expensive. They can be very fun, but only if you choose the right place for you. So here is our guide to Top 5 Istanbul Nightclubs.

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep” – College kids everywhere

Nightlife in Istanbul might not be on same level as it is in major European or American cities, but it still has something to offer. You just need to know where to look. We took the heavy burden of partying in many different clubs around the city upon ourselves so that we could give you our top 5 list. You’re welcome.

Babylon [best of Istanbul nightclubs]


If you enjoy live music, this is your place. A multi-purpose performance venue, Babylon is one of Turkey’s leading live music venues and offers everything from jazz to reggae to hip hop to electronic to Turkish vibes. T

he intimate venue (you can get so close to the DJ’s that it’s as if they were giving you a private performance at your own house) and wide variety of tunes make it worth checking out at least once during your stay, or a couple of times a month if you live here. Plus, they always seem to be giving away free shots. You need to purchase a ticket for the performance to get in, but free shots on the other side might be just the incentive you were searching for. –



In the heart of Istanbul’s Beyoglu district, Indigo knows electric music. It is a frequent host to world famous DJ’s and draws a young, hip, energetic crowd. If you’re into moving your body in crazy ways for crazy periods of time, then Indigo is your spot. Indigo pub, located just down the road, offers a nice alternative to the electronic tunes as well as a good prelude to an evening of dance.

We find that the atmosphere and the beats in Indigo are as good an invitation to dance as any club in Europe. Come prepared to party and drink and be ready to call upon your second and third winds of energy as you won’t want to leave before the party ends. And put a smile on your face, this crowd loves foreigners.  –



Istanbul’s indie scene finds its mojo in Dunia. Asian side Istanbul nightclubs usually suck but Dunia offers world music as well as a relaxed environment. You know those clubs that blast music so continuously that you can’t wait until your friends decide its time to leave? Well, Dunia offers you that perfect change of environment within its own establishment.

A little bit of chillin’ is all you might need to get the party started again. The crowd here is usually a bit younger than what you will find in some other clubs in the city. Whether you’re rolling solo or if you show up as a crew, Dunia will make you feel like you belong. – No website. Address: 2 Velvet Sok. 19, Caferağa / Istanbul



Getting in can be a bit difficult given that it has earned a reputation as being the Hollywood of all Istanbul nightclubs. But if you have the patience, money, charms or determination to finagle your way through those doors, you won’t regret it. Unless you get friendly and end up buying a lot of people drinks as I am prone to do judging by the lack of girth in my wallet this morning.

Reina plays Ibiza like music and gets filled with fun, outgoing people almost every night of the week. Most people in Reina speak English, so you’ll find that it is a great way to meet locals. And it usually leads to other clubbing excursions before the night is through. –



Great views, fun music, nice bouncers (if you have long pants, girls and enough money) make 360 an essential member of the Istanbul clubbing scene. Not as posh as the likes of Reina and Lucca, but not as down to earth as Indigo and Dunia, 360 is – you guessed it – right in the middle. In other words, the perfect alternative. And it also has really nice bathrooms. –

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