We have a new project in the works – the name is Untraveled. You can check it out at untraveled.com

It’s a digital platform where we want to bring together the most underrated wonders of our planet. Places, events and companies that are way underappreciated…

untraveled-22 (1)It comes with a world map and includes amazing videos and unique information on a variety of great stuff from around the globe. There’s also an app in development stage which you can simply download on App Store and Play Store.

We’re designing Untraveled to be an interactive space where anyone can contribute freely. That means, everyone can post what they know easily and help others discover new stuff.


Untraveled is about much more than bringing out and promoting the “less traveled” of the world. It is about profound communication that transcends.

Our ultimate goal is to never stop promoting the power of travel and the idea of how we’re all backs-and-fronts to each other and we should benefit from the diversity that we luckily already possess! The diversity which may seem like conflict in the beginning.

Untraveled is about promoting peace. It is about creating change. Not because we fear lack of it but because we burn with desire for more of it. It is about travel. Travel, travel, travel! That is our goal – that everybody in the world be able to travel.

We KNOW that travel is THE best education. Because if we let it, travel helps us see through the bullshit of the daily, politic-driven, fast-spinning, heavily-polluting and over-consuming world and catch a glimpse of the truth that lies beneath the chaos and holds together the reality which actually and literally is that good old friend of us called ‘love’.

We don’t know much but we know that.

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