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At “The Other Tour”, we believe travel is more than just fleeting moments spent at iconic locations. It’s about diving deep into the heart and soul of a city, understanding its past, and grasping the nuances of its present. Istanbul, with its myriad tales, is just the beginning.


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Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures.

Travel is a sacred exploration process. Our tours aren’t bound by the confines of cities; they span the length and breadth of life, connecting Istanbul and Turkey’s diverse landscapes with a common thread of human culture and good old-fashioned curiosity.

We don’t just want tourists; we seek explorers eager to dive into local music, art, flora, fauna, history, religion, and sometimes even wind patterns. The Other Tour, an alternative city tour of Istanbul since 2011, offers more than just sightseeing – it’s a cultural immersion experience.

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Every region of Turkey has a story waiting to be told, and through “The Other Tour“, we aim to provide firsthand experiences, breaking prejudices and shattering stereptypes. We believe in fostering connections – between lands and cultures, past and present, and most importantly, between people.

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Since 2011

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From tasting traditional flavors to diving deep into multicultural essences, our tours are designed to be both educational and entertaining. We discuss history, culture, and the subtle shifts that have shaped the diverse tapestry of Istanbul. And as we explore, we also reflect upon deeper issues, sharing insights and sparking curiosity.

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Our commitment isn’t limited to guided tours. stands as a platform for tailor-made itineraries, unique travel experiences, and unmatched customer service throughout Turkey. We promise excellence in every aspect – from crafting bespoke travel plans to collaborating with the best in the industry.