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We recently visited the rich, vibrant city of Istanbul. Instead of trying a tour that took you around the city showing you the magnificent historical sights, we decided on ``the Other Tour`` that took you into the lives of Turkish people, and allowed you to glimpse a bit of the Turkey that a tourist rarely gets the chance to see. It was a wonderful experience, and one that I would recommend to anybody who would like to encounter something different. From the yoghurt tasting, to the delicious lunch in the tour guide's mom's home, to the playing of Okey amongst the regulars at the cafe'- it was a fantastic day.








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Glimpse what tourists rarely get the chance to see.

To the bones, travel promotes peace. Travelers overcome boundaries, find similarities and appreciate differences because they directly experience the world and the people in it. Therefore, power of travel is immense and irreplacable.

When we travel we take the time to directly experience the world for ourselves. This direct experience fosters respect and understanding. As understanding replaces fear, violence dissipates and peace prevails. Even if we don’t begin our journey with an open mind, we inevitably end with an open mind. And that realization, that drastic change in perspective, that changes the world. That truly is the power of travel.

This idea of direct experience is what we pursue with The Other Tour. We want our participants to interact face-to-face with the locals. As travelers, we all must remember that we are ambassadors for our country. If we treat those that we meet with respect, if we display our willingness to learn from them, they will respect us in return. This respect is possible even if we don’t speak the same language.