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2023 was a fantastic year for The Other Tour, with a special focus on The Bosphorus. In 2024, we’re excited to prioritize the Asian Side of Istanbul as well!

About us

We are a family-owned travel agency based in Istanbul. We have been offering alternative city tours of Istanbul since 2011.

The Itinerary

Experience Istanbul with our comprehensive city tour - skip the usual historic sites to focus on the present-day wonders of the city.

The cost

The Other Tour is booked privately and costs 300 Euros per person. This includes all the costs during the entire adventure, no hidden fees!

The Other Tour


The Other Tour offers an immersive, full-day adventure in Istanbul, featuring hidden gems and unique activities like Bosphorus cruising, authentic home-cooked lunches, interactive school visits and much more.

The Other Tour always starts at 9am from a pre-determined starting point, usually your hotel. We hit the road and drive up north by the Bosphorus.

Our first stop is usually Arnavutköy, one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Istanbul. We may stop for coffee or orange juice after a nice little walk through the historic area.

Embark on a private boat journey along the breathtaking Bosphorus, renowned as one of the world’s most picturesque waterways.

Following our enchanting cruise, we disembark at Kanlıca, celebrated for its traditional Turkish yogurt drizzled with honey.

Our exploration then takes us through the Asian side of the Bosphorus, culminating in a visit to Kuzguncuk, the historic Jewish quarter of Istanbul, rich in culture and heritage.

Welcome inside a local family home for a wonderful home-cooked meal by Ayşe Karataş, the mother of The Other Tour.

Lunch at home is one of the highlights of the day.

Experience the vibrant educational landscape of Istanbul with The Other Tour.

School visits on The Other Tour
School visits on The Other Tour

We immerse ourselves in local schools, engaging with enthusiastic students and participating in their interactive lessons.

music for peace istanbul
Inside a class

Our journey also includes visits to inspiring music schools operated by NGOs, where we are enveloped in the harmony of their exceptional musical sessions.

Delve into the heart of Istanbul’s vibrant street market culture with The Other Tour.

We explore the dynamic ‘pazar’, a roving marketplace that breathes life into different neighborhoods daily.

Witness the lively exchange at these local bazaars, where an array of fresh produce and traditional goods are brought directly to the community’s doorstep, showcasing Istanbul’s rich mosaic of agriculture and shopping traditions.

We explore the vibrant neighborhoods along the Golden Horn of Istanbul, which is an inlet of the Bosphorus

We explore Balat and Fener, Istanbul’s old Jewish and Greek neighborhoods.

Experience the ancient tradition of a Turkish bath with a massage.

We will not only experience this ancient Roman tradition, but also feel fresh, look good, and get a massage.

We will dine with traditional Turkish music and maybe even some dancing at a traditional Turkish tavern.

This will be the perfect way to end our day-long journey along the Bosphorus.

Istanbul's best alternative city tour


We explore the beautiful Bosphorus and experience Istanbul‘s vibrant local life through her neighborhoods, culinary riches and of course, the wonderful people.

Bosphorus Tour

Public ferries & water taxi
230 $ Full day (8 Hours)
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The Other Tour

Istanbul's comprehensive culture tour since 2011
300 Full day+ (14 hours)
  • No deposit Required
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