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Explore the great city of Istanbul the way she deserves.


Love great Turkish food - how about we eat at home?


We explore the lesser-known, underrated parts of the city.


With 12 years experience, we hand-pick the very best.

Since 2011

Istanbul's comprehensive
alternative city tour


“The Other Tour” in Istanbul is a unique and immersive city tour that diverges from conventional tourist attractions. Participants experience a variety of cultural activities such as home-cooked meals, visits to local schools, exploring street markets, and cruising on the Bosphorus.

This tour offers a more personal and intimate view of the city, involving interactions with locals and engaging in everyday life activities. It’s designed not just to show the sights but to provide a deeper understanding of the culture, lifestyle, and people of Istanbul.

The Other Tour

Istanbul's premier alternative city tour

Experience the city like never before with The Other Tour – a unique itinerary of a full-day guided city exploration experience crafted for the inquisitive traveler.


The Other Tour transcends the conventional sightseeing and museum visits, instead offering an immersive exploration of Istanbul’s rich landscape and culture.

This isn’t just any tour – it’s a unique opportunity to discover the soul of the city with like-minded travelers, creating unforgettable memories and forging lasting connections.


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The Other Tour's Itinerary

Providing a step-by-step, hour-by-hour guide to what your day on The Other Tour simply wouldn’t do the experience justice. So, check out what we do on The Other Tour below. Remember, it’s almost a 14 hour-long experience!

Authentic spaces
We're in the 'immersive experiences' business. We have to keep it real.
The Backstreets
We don't shy away from diving deep into the backstreets of Istanbul's most interesting sections.
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Many angles
We explore and experience the Bosphorus from so many different perspectives.
The Bosphorus
We always cruise Istanbul's waters.
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This is a passion project and it always will be.
Made with love
Mama's cooking is delicious! We hope you'd like it,too.
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Music for Peace
This NGO is one of the schools we frequent.
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We talk about the Greek and Christian heritage of the city.
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Fresh Produce
We explore and taste the local produce.
We call them that in Turkish.
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The scrub and massage can be great after a long day of exploration.
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Meeting locals
We share the rhythm of the local life.
This game is called 'OKEY' 🙂
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A unforgettable experience, hosted by the experienced and well informed Fethi. This must rank as one of travel’s great experiences, and Fethi’s offbeat approach adds huge dimension to an already amazing city, taken from the perspective of daily life in the city, far from the tourist crush of the SultanAhmet. For those looking for something different while in Istanbul, this is a must do.

Watch our video

Created spontaneously by a participant of The Other Tour, Bryan Long, about 10 years ago, the video is still relevant today.

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