Hell yeah. The Other Tour is a little bit different each and every time anyway. But a big yes, we would love your input! We thrive on new ideas and adventures.

But first, please read our 2023 Itinerary and let’s start customizing together.

Yes, as of May 2023, we have partnered up with Tour Good Travel, a local licensed travel agency and we will be rolling out new itineraries and offerings from here and on. 

So if you need any advice on traveling in Istanbul or the rest of Türkiye, you can get in touch with us  anytime.

No, Istanbul is the only city where we regularly operate a city tour of this nature.

However, in all other parts of Turkey we can arrange private tours with a similar spirit of The Other Tour which is all about alternative tourism and culturally immersive experiences that involve a dedication to culture, truth and beauty.

The Other Tour has the easiest booking process in the world. You just let us know when you want to do it, when we confirm, you just show up on the pre-determined time and location. That’s it. No deposits, no hassle. You may bring cash on the day of the event and receive your receipt.

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Yes, absolutely. They usually love it more than the adults!

Absolutely not! Our lunch in a Turkish home and dinner at the restaurant will have abundant food for vegetarians. How about vegans? We promise to do our absolute best 🙂 but it’s best you let us know beforehand.

Everything will be provided, you don’t have to bring anything but your smile. (cheesy alert) However, bringing swim gear is recommended for female participants. You may bring spare clothes for dinner. You will have the chance to change in your room in the Turkish bath.

Yes, absolutely. Many participants in the past have skipped the Turkish bath and we have always managed to replace that hour with a fun activity such as exploring the neighborhood and having pre-dinner drinks in a bar nearby.

Thank you but that’s not necessary at all – so please don’t be bothered. But if you really really want to, past experience tells us that the kids at school mostly enjoy picture books and interesting CDs and DVDs (as in the schools we visit usually have projectors in the classrooms)

No, the rain got nothing on us! 🙂

The cost of the tour is 300 Euros per person for the new Deluxe version in which we use a private boat as our main means of transportation throughout the day. (as of April 2023)

However, the classic version in which we drive around the city with a luxury private van is still bookable on demand. Just get in touch with us at [email protected]

This amount is to pay for all the expenses of the day (Yes, we do a lot of expensive stuff during the course of 14 hours, especially now that we’re using a private boat the entire day. It goes like this: everybody brings money and pays for the expenses all together. So, no, unfortunately there can’t be any discount, unless the discount is for a child. In that case, please mention the age of the children and we will inform you accordingly. 

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