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This is not a typical tour. The Other Tour is designed for curious travelers to come together and explore such an amazing city in a way that focuses more on human condition and culture rather than historical sights and museums.

Because we truly believe EVERYONE IS INTERESTING!

The Other Tour is designed to discover Istanbul in the most honest and entertaining way possible. We do that with a unique perspective and a beautifully crafted itinerary that allows us to ‘really be a part of Istanbul’ by immersing ourselves into the lives of the locals and their traditions. We try hard not to compromise the qualities that make The Other Tour exceptional, which is a formula we believe consists of love, curiosity, honesty, courage, intelligence and willingness to break boundaries and shatter stereotypes.

A Review:

“Fearless” is the only word to describe this tour. The Other Tour breaks boundaries, shatters stereotypes, and presents an Istanbul few tourists get to see. Best of all, Fethi does not spew the typical tourist guide material. He passionately presents an alternative view of the world’s political and economic climate over the past several hundred years that is both interesting and informative.

The Other Tour allows the casual visitor to immerse themselves into the daily lives and activities of those living in Istanbul.

For example, stops on the tour included visits to a market, a primary school, a Turkish bath, game hall, and Fethi’s mom’s house for the best food ever. (I wonder if she would be willing to adopt me.)

Hanging out with Fethi, Murat, Hakan, and their family and crew for the day, I felt like I was surrounded by friends and family, which is a wonderful feeling as a solo female traveler.

“Sometimes I get a good feeling (yeah).” And I had that good feeling about this tour. It is well worth the money. Be fearless. Do it. –Full review on TripAdvisor

The Other Tour is also all about laughter and humor. We believe sense of humor is one of the most magical human qualities and we always pay attention to create an environment in which all tour participants could express themselves as freely and comfortably as possible.

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Please consider joining us in this special adventure only if you are (or ready to pretend to be) fun, curious, adventurous and open-minded.