The Other Tour Istanbul Team

This tour, this company, this activity... whatever you call it, for us, it's become the most entertaining and educating part of our lives. Meeting all kinds of people from all across the planet is a rare opportunity in this life. We learn so much from all these encounters and we deeply appreciate how lucky we have been.

Ayşe Karatas

Mama & Cook

The creator. The beauty. The energy! The amazing cook. The one who made it all possible. Ayse is the name of our beloved mother whose personality and cooking skills is also the backbone of The Other Tour. She makes the tour special and our lives meaningful! :) Thank you Mama!

Fethi Karatas

Founder & Lead Guide

Fethi (28) likes to discover Istanbul to her depths many times over. He likes doing it with new friends every time. He also likes water, the moon and The Strokes too much. He lately focuses on taking things to the next level with his next adventure at

Bülent Karatas

Co-Founder & Guide

Currently living in NYC and currently not involved with The Other Tour, Bubu helped invent it, get it off the ground and keep it alive. Bulent has helped it flourish with his wisdom and good vibes, and when Fethi couldn't take the pressure, he was there to make sure we all float on. And then he met Stephanie.

Soner Dursun

Marketing & Hotel Relations

Soner is a childhood friend from the hood. He has been there since the beginning. He started The Other Tour together in 2011. We helped guide and also handled all the coordination for years. On top of that, his newly-born baby adds a whole new level to our big family.

Trevor Brown

Guide & Blogger & Editor

Trevor (25) is The Other Tour's chief editor and the most inspiring element. He is from Colorado. He's lived in Istanbul for almost a year and wrote most of our important pieces on our blog. Trevor helped The Other Tour reach new levels by inspiring us to be smarter. He also introduced Alan Watts to our lives.

Murat Can

Blogger & Italian Guide

Our DJ. Our dancing queen. Our Can.Murat is another childhood friend who's been involved with the smooth operation that The Other Tour managed to sustain. Murat also wrote for our Blog. Murat now joins us once again to become a part of our international plans.

Ahmet Küren

Coordinator & Blogger

The II. Ahmet of the family. He is our new Blogger/DJ, he will contribute to our music section, look forward to amazing pieces! Ahmet is another childhood friend. And he also has a child on the way. He is officially joining The Other Tour team in February 2016.

Milena Buehring

Blogger & German Guide

Milena (21) used to be our intern from Germany. And by now, she has taken part in all of The Other Tour aspects that exist. She joined it more than 50 times and helped guide it numerously. She also writes for our Blog as comes back and forth between Berlin and Istanbul.

Murat Karatas

Blogger & Dutch Guide

Murat guided The Other Tour, wrote for her Blog and taught chess to the staff members. He also made sure everyone knows some physics and Rick and Mort so that we may just sustain some sanity. We deeply appreacite the scientific and intellectual touch he has always brought into this family.