Aydın Büyüktaş did it again. Istanbul looks beautiful in so many ways. We said that so many times. Loving it yo!

Istanbul-native Aydın Büyüktaş crafts mesmerizing photographs, seamlessly intertwining visual effects to breathe life into his captivating cityscapes. With surreal and clever digital alterations at the forefront, his images present cities with twisted perspectives, creating an intriguing blend of reality and fantasy.

Büyüktaş cut his teeth in the world of visual effects, lending his expertise to both films and advertisements. However, it wasn’t long before his fascination with photography took center stage, leading him to infuse his digital manipulation skills into the medium. Drawing inspiration from the speculative wonders of science fiction and the precise allure of mathematics, he found himself standing on the shoulders of giants like Edwin Abbott Abbott, Isaac Asimov, and H.G. Wells, absorbing their influence into his work.

Image Credit: aydinbuyuktas.com

“Flatland” stands out among his oeuvre, offering viewers cityscapes that veer into the fantastic, with digital tweaks bending the scenes into disorienting, marvelous visions. But his portfolio doesn’t stop there; series such as “Parallel Universes” and “Gravity” further showcase his ability to visually disorient and captivate.

From galleries to museums worldwide, Büyüktaş’s work has found homes on many walls, earning him awards and recognition along the way. Big names in the commercial sector, including Audi, BMW, and Dropbox, have also enlisted his unique eye for their campaigns, highlighting his status as a sought-after photographer in the field.

In every frame, Büyüktaş pushes digital manipulation to its limits, creating images that are as thought-provoking as they are beautiful. His work not only engages the eye but also sparks the imagination, encouraging viewers around the globe to see the world from a fresh, enchanting perspective.