For all the travelers visiting or missing Istanbul.


A wonderful 1-minute video featuring some of the most beautiful parts of Turkey in a very resreshing style.In July 2014, my sister and I spent 2 weeks backp... Read More...

Going to Cappadocia

A special video of traveling through Turkey and discovering the most beautiful parts of this wonderful country. And ending the trip in magical Cappadocia.

Bosphorus Istanbul Droned

A wonderful birdseye view of Istanbul and especially the areas around the Bosphorus that shows unique aspects of this amazing city, not to be missed!


The story takes place in 1632 in Istanbul, where Hezarfen will attempt the first flight of the human being.


"This Film was captured during our classtrip to Istanbul. We spend six days in a beautiful small hostel near Taksim, The City is on one side absolutly beautiful... Read More...

In Turkey – 2014

In April 2014, Stefan, Clemens & I went on yet another journey with our trusted Defender, this time from Istanbul, passing the Black Sea Coast, to the vastn... Read More...

Kumru Ballad Fazıl Say

Kumru' Ballade by the amazing Turkish pianist/composer Fazıl Say. Fazıl wrote this ballade for her daughter. He usually plays this piece on the piano himself but this orchestral version is also a pleasure to listen to.