Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown

Hailing from the picturesque realms of Aspen, Colorado, here stands a gentleman radiant with an unbridled energy, insatiable curiosity, and an inherent amiability that cascades naturally from the depths of his buoyant spirit. Embodied within him is not only the intellectual rigor of a seasoned thinker but also the expansive heart of a new husband to a Turkish wife, bestowing affection with a largesse that is both deep and unconditional.

In the annals of The Other Tour, his name is inscribed with golden letters, for he alone, as he brought Alan Watts into our lives, has shouldered the mantle of guiding our little city tour. With a vision both lucid and encompassing, he navigates through the web of unforgettable experiences, illuminating paths for others with the lantern of his wisdom and insight. His pen, meanwhile, gracefully dances across the pages of our Blog, weaving a symphony of words that sing both the grandeur and the subtleties of our shared tales, leaving readers ensnared in the magic of Istanbul.

It is not with mere casual acknowledgment but with the utmost sincerity and deep reverence that we declare: Trevor Brown is unarguably the most wholesome soul we have ever had the unparalleled delight of encountering.


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