What started as personal curiosity about whether there were any interesting Istanbul blogs to be found, I started assembling some of the most interesting candidates. And since Istanbul is one of the most vibrant and interesting places to be on the planet, as a 21 year old German living in the city for almost a year, I found quite interesting blogs that are helpful and informative.

Both very personal experiences of years spent abroad and locals sharing their Istanbul-lifestyle with the world or creating a blog that answers travelers’ questions about Istanbul into the tiniest detail… Here is a collection of the five best blogs that Istanbulers and the ones who want to be, follow.

1 –

For people who come to live in Istanbul without speaking the language or knowing a big deal about the culture like I did 8 months ago the blog ATDAA is a very nice option to get you started on everything, becoming aware that you are not the only one and that others have managed just like you will.

The blog provides with places to check out, foods to try but also the persons take on the city from a foreigners point of view, analysing how it feels to live in Turkey. Interesting for everyone, but especially for people who decided to make Istanbul their second home. A truly great Istanbul blog right here!


The second blog expats tales of love and life in Istanbul. It is a detailed advisor on all the go and no-gos in Turkey, Istanbul, what you have to take into consideration while seeing all the monumental sights Istanbul provides you with, but also nice information about the history of turkey. All in all the best blog to get you started on turkish life. A definite must in our list of best istanbul blogs.



The word Yabangee comes from the Turkish word ‘yabancı’ which means foreigner. And is one of the best sources of any foreigner planning to visit Istanbul. The site has many international contributers and feature topics like music and exhibition reviews, advice on practical needs for foreigners, event updates, maps, etc. For everybody who thinks of taking an extensive visit to Istanbul and diving into local life, this blog is the best preparation you can get.



Olga Irez, chef and owner of Babushka Restaurant in Alaçatı, atmospheric old Greek village and popular upscale resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey. She lives in Istanbul where she has been running Delicious Istanbul food tours and cooking classes for four years to share her passion for the food and markets of the city she fell in love with.

Recipes for Turkish dishes, restaurant recommendations and many other delightful posts can be found on the blog. Overall, a great option for foodies who are looking for great Istanbul blogs.



With more than 12 years of combined experience eating their way through Istanbul, the founders of, which is providing Culinary Backstreets with coverage from Turkey, bring you into the best undiscovered local eateries you might not always find on your own. We’re talking about serious food for serious eaters, hold the frills.’s blog which is where you are now 🙂 We keep it fun, updated and truthful; one of the best blogs about Istanbul