Turkish Food


As the many ethnicities of the Ottoman Empire left and settled in other parts of the world, the one word that they had in common was “yoğurt”. From this word the modern, English version “yogurt” came to life. It is the one Turkish word to make it into the English language.

11 Jul: Hanging out in Istanbul: But where?

It can be a challenge when it comes to deciding where to hangout in this gigantic city if you are visiting it for the first time. As Istanbul can be a little intimidating with its population of 15 million and hair-raising traffic, one would rather have good referrals in advance before stepping out the door.

Because I live on the European side of Istanbul I will mainly point out the venues in Taksim area. Of course Istanbul’s nightlife does not consist only of Taksim-Beyoglu districts. You’ve got the Bosporus and the Asian side as well. But as a true Istanbulian, the only enjoyment I get out of the Asian part is the view of ‘real’ Istanbul.