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Turkey becomes Türkiye

Turkey officially changed its name to “Türkiye” in June 2022. This change was part of a broader campaign initiated by the Turkish government to encourage the use of “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” in international contexts, reflecting the way the country’s name is pronounced in Turkish. This move was also seen as a way to rebrand the country’s international image.

The Linguistic Transition

The decision to change the name from Turkey to Türkiye reflects a conscious effort to embrace the country's Turkish heritage. The shift is not merely linguistic but carries a symbolic weight, emphasizing a renewed connection to its historical and cultural roots.

Geopolitical Push

Türkiye is no longer content with merely occupying a strategic position between Europe and Asia. The nation is actively asserting itself on the global stage, signaling a departure from its traditional role. Turkish initiatives include establishing military bases in Africa and Qatar, showcasing Türkiye's expanding global presence.

A New Era Unfolds

Central to this pivotal transformation is President Erdoğan's ambitious vision for Türkiye. His assertive leadership has been consistently marked by a strong commitment to reshaping the country's identity and its evolving role in global affairs. Understanding his audacious vision is crucial to grasping Türkiye's evolving geopolitical stance.

Unspoken Facts about Turkey

No beating around the bush!
Navigating New Horizons



Türkiye's diplomatic identity has undergone significant transformation, marked by a more assertive stance in international affairs. This is evident in its involvement in the Syrian conflict, where it has supported certain rebel groups against the Assad regime and combated the Islamic State, while also trying to establish a safe zone along its border. Additionally, Türkiye's reaction to the 2013 coup in Egypt, openly criticizing the overthrow and supporting the ousted President Morsi, highlights its willingness to take strong positions in regional issues.


Türkiye's evolving ambitions profoundly affect regional dynamics, especially in its strategic and cultural ties within the Middle East and Europe. The longstanding Cyprus issue, where Türkiye actively supports the Turkish Cypriot community against Greece, serves as a prime example of its significant influence on regional geopolitics. Türkiye's robust involvement in maritime disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean with countries like Egypt and Greece over valuable natural gas exploration rights further demonstrates its tangible impact on regional stability and alliances.


On a global scale, Türkiye has shown a propensity to form diverse and independent partnerships, reshaping its role in international relations. Its decision to purchase the Russian S-400 missile defense system, against NATO's preferences, and its arms sales to Ukraine amid the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, signify Türkiye's complex navigation of global geopolitics. Strengthening ties with nations like Qatar and Venezuela further indicates Türkiye's strategic efforts to expand its influence beyond traditional alliances, actively participating in global political and economic arenas.

Türkiye is

the host of the world’s largest refugee population.

Huge Refugee Intake

Turkey shelters over 3.6 million Syrian refugees, making it the top refugee-hosting country globally.

Extensive Integration

It operates numerous refugee camps, providing shelter, healthcare, and education to countless individuals.

Diverse Regions

Beyond Syrians, Turkey hosts refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations, adding to its cultural mosaic.

Policy Challenges

Managing this vast population poses significant policy and humanitarian challenges for Turkey's infrastructure.

A 500-Year Journey

Self-Reliance in Weapon Manufacturing

One of the most remarkable facets of Türkiye’s recent evolution is its pursuit of self-reliance in weapon manufacturing. This journey traces back 500 years, highlighting a break from dependence on external sources. Understand the motivations behind this move and its implications for Türkiye’s defense capabilities.


Ongoing Narrative


As Türkiye emerges with a new name and renewed ambitions, the narrative of this nation is still unfolding. The geopolitical shifts, coupled with self-reliance in defense, signal a dynamic future.

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