Istanbul Sunset Cruise

Unlike the regular day cruises, a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus is a celebration of colors, lights, and shadows, revealing a side of Istanbul that remains hidden under the bright sun.

with Wine & Music

Bosphorus Yacht Tour

Views and vibes!

As the yacht sails north by the gorgeous Bosphorus, witness the awe-inspiring sunset over Istanbul’s skyline, creating a canvas of vibrant colors.

The backdrop of mosques and historical landmarks, coupled with a musical ambiance, enhances the already breathtaking scenery.



Everyday, just before sunset in Istanbul, you may get on board and enjoy the city in its most magical hours.


2 Hours




50 Euros

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  1. Sara says:

    I’ve been to Istanbul twice and did a cruise on bosphorus each time but they were never during sunset time. One more reason to come back!!

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