Simply the best tour I have ever been on…. Information and experience dripping with personality and energy…

Istanbul is a whopper city of more than 20 million people.. So to try and see it in a day is fool-hardy but by golly did our tour guides give it a good go…

THE OTHER TOURWe had a packed itinerary that wasn’t just fulfilled it was added to.

I work in the Arts and can find tours stuffy at times with information delivered a la mundane but ‘The Other Tour‘ was never in danger of that.

History was punctuated with humour, facts were refreshed with an edge.fethi anne

All that said… If you like your good-times served straight down the line and dressed in trousers pulled above the waist then this may not be for you.

If you have a lust for the liberal then this could be your best bet.

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"Dripping with personality and energy"
10Overall Score
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