Established in 2011, TheOtherTour has evolved from offering alternative city tours in Istanbul to becoming a trusted travel agency that provides top-quality services and curated travel experiences throughout Turkey.

With more than a decade of experience exploring the nooks and crannies of Istanbul, we delight ourselves in sharing the city's hidden gems, from underground art scenes to music schools and various intimate spaces. The focus is not just on showing you the sights but also on introducing you to the city's heartbeat, its people, and its unsung tales.

We have tested and curated the best of what Turkey has to offer—be it boutique hotels, unique experiences, or cultural journeys. The company is committed to sustainable tourism, partnering with local artisans, guides, and businesses to offer an authentic experience that benefits communities as much as it delights travelers.

Follow and join us for insider tips, exclusive reviews, and inspirational stories that will make your next journey truly unforgettable.

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