Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim

We have a very special event taking place in Istanbul this month, July 23rd, 2017: Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race as swimmers invade the waters as the world’s narrowest Strait is closed to commercial shipping.

Organized by The National Olympic Committee of Turkey, the pleasure of making swimming or rowing from Asia to Europe, to experience the exquisite beauties of the Bosphorusl and witnessing the passion of the fans all combine to create this unique event.

The world’s first and only intercontinental swimming race is performed on Bosphorus. For 28 years, thousands of athletes from around the world and Turkey have been getting together in Istanbul for friendship, to compete, to challenge and discover their limits.

In last year’s event, Turkish swimmer Hasan Emre Musluoğlu has won the 26th edition of the Cross-Continental Swimming Race, which took place in Istanbul on July 20. Musluoğlu crossed the Bosphorus, the straight that divides Asia and Europe, in 41 minutes and 26 seconds. –Source

Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race is a very exciting event simply because the beauty of Bosphorus for us. We usually spend half of each The Other Tour discovering and talking about the amazing Bosphorus.

Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race Beginning in the Asian suburb of Kanlıca, just north of the second bridge, the swim finishes along the banks of Kuruçeşme at Cemil Topuzlu Park. The mêlée of getting in and out of the water often proves the most entertaining, albeit difficult, part of the race.

For more information about Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race, visit the competition website at and