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Best places to go for a run in Istanbul

Why run at all?

Let's face it, vacations are a time to indulge in food, drinks, and relaxation, and put aside the demands and necessities of everyday life for a while. However, for some people, like myself, running is an essential part of their routine and they just can't let go of it, even for a few days. As they say, once a runner, always a runner.


Fortunately, running in Istanbul offers a unique and exhilarating experience that cannot be matched anywhere else.


In addition to being a fantastic way to stay fit, running is an excellent way to explore a new location.

Perks of running in Istanbul

What a city!

Istanbul’s diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, stunning architecture, and rich history make it an ideal destination for runners looking to discover the city’s hidden gems. Moreover, given Istanbul’s slow-moving traffic, running might just be the most efficient way to get around, allowing you to experience more of the city’s sights and sounds in less time.

So, without further ado, here are our top 5 places to run in Istanbul, each offering a distinct and unforgettable experience.

Top 5 Spots to Run in Istanbul

Race the ships


Begin your Istanbul run in Kurucesme, then head towards Bebek or the second Bosphorus bridge. The round trip is about 7 miles to the bridge, or 3-5 miles for a shorter run. Enjoy the scenic route, but watch out for fishermen along the Bosphorus. Passing through Arnavutköy, let us know, and we’ll support you with water or Raki!

Bosphorus aerial shot
Far away but worth it!


Journey through time on a run around Buyukada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands. Spanning two square miles with a 7,000-strong community, it’s untouched by Istanbul‘s modernity and chaos, featuring only electric vehicles and bicycles. Enjoy a car-free 7.2 km run around the island, perfect for tranquility, scenic beauty, and fresh air.

Buyukada in January 2024 by The Other Tour Istanbul.
Dare to acknowledge the Seraglio


Start your run in Tophane, journey to Karaköy, and cross the Galata Bridge. Circle Sarayburnu below Topkapı Palace, with the Bosphorus and Sea of Marmara on your left. Pass three water bodies on this route. For a simple run, follow the path a few miles and return the same way, reaching either the radar tower or Ataturk Bulvari. For variety, return via Aksaray, under the Aqueduct of Valens, and across Ataturk Bridge to Beyoglu. This unique 6-mile loop offers an unforgettable Istanbul experience.

A soft surface sounds like a nice idea...

Maçka Park

Start from Taksim, head past Gümüşsuyu to İnönü Stadium, and ascend towards Nisantasi, passing Swissôtel. Choose to enter Maçka Park’s lower end near Swissôtel or, for a challenging workout, head uphill to the upper entrance at Harbiye. Inside, enjoy freedom—run, do cartwheels, sprint, or just be playful.

Far away, far away, I want to run far away

Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest, about 15 km from Istanbul, is a favorite weekend spot and a natural retreat for a workout. Spanning over 5,500 hectares, it’s a top recreational area in Istanbul. There’s a 7km track around a lake, but feel free to explore beyond it. Venture into the forest’s heart, discover mountain bike paths, and immerse in the plants, fauna, and serene beauty—a stark contrast to Istanbul’s bustling cityscape. And don’t worry, you won’t encounter any rug salesmen here!

Best Places for a run in Istanbul


Ok, I've gotta go, I've put myself in the running mood!

Author: Trevor Brown

Original Publishing Year: 2013

Editor: Fethi Karatas

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  1. Thank you so much. I’ve been just hoofing it around and running around the city where I can — I’ve done the Bosphorus on both sides, but I’ve been craving terrain — I can’t wait to visit all these places soon! Running junkies unite!

    • We’re glad to give you some new ideas! Let us know how the routes are and if you discover something new and awesome in the process =)

  2. Bennybody says:

    Dear Fethi, thanks so much for these tips, really really helpful. I was close to despairing when I realised how difficult it is to find a nice running spot in Istanbul – in other cities, I usually just head out anywhere that looks nice on google earth. But here, with the topography and traffic and the maze of small streets, that is a difficult strategy.
    The Bosphorus run in particular was really amazing. You might want to add that it can also be continued past the second bridge – I went up to Istinye, but probably one can also go beyond?

  3. Murat Can says:

    Thanks, very useful

  4. John says:

    What a lovely design

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