A common way to kickoff an extremely intense and romantic relationship in Turkey is a dude calling a girl on the phone and never ever saying a word – letting the sound of breath just linger. Awkwardness? That’s just how we roll… And who cares?

But the moment I write that, it hits me that it has to be global thing. And this cutie pie addressed it in the 70s. We only got to know about it when we were passing by this sliced pizza place in Istanbul the other day. Shazam was helpless so I had to walk in and start up an entertaining chat so that they’d tell me the name.

“Alo, konuş, konuş benimle”

And of course, they gave me the wrong name. But that didn’t stop me from getting to the bottom of it by careful research and then I played it out on the streets right after I bought a beer for me and my buddy and downed it while doing all kinds of people-watching.