Is it safe to travel to Turkey in 2022?

Turkey, recently dropping from the 6th most visited country in the world to the 10th, is still a very popular destination for tourists. Since the coup attempt in 2016, numerous terrorist attacks in 2015 through 2017 and the military operation into Syria in January of 2018, it’s understandable that there’s still a looming fear – especially in the minds of western travelers – as to whether it’s actually safe to travel to this fascinating land filled with so much history and natural beauty. So is it safe to travel to Turkey in 2022?

The short answer to this question is: yes, the waters seem to have settled down by the end of 2019. As of now, we can confidently state that Turkey is back to being a completely safe destination once again. About 40 million tourists have visited the country in 2019 and besides the global pandemic there hasn’t been any major incident concerning the safety of her foreign visitors.

And here’s the long answer: Turkey is one of the more complex countries with serious political turmoil and social confusion, riding on a fragile economy in a unique location of the planet. However, it’s also one of the world’s most culturally, historically rich countries with some of the warmest and most hospitable people anywhere.

Turkey safety

Moreover, tourism is the third biggest income for Turkey’s economy and a significant portion of the population depends on it to make a living. It’s fair to say that the security of tourists and the country’s ability to welcome holidaymakers safely will be high up on the Turkish government’s list of priorities. Therefore, the country has been on high alert on all fronts and Turkish authorities have been working tirelessly to make sure all the necessary security measures are taken.

After all, Turks are notorious for their tenacious fighting spirit and that really shows on how tight of a collective effort has been put in to prevent any kind of security threat to the mainland and anyone in it.


No travel is risk-free during the COVID pandemic. But yes, Turkey is relatively safe and open for tourism. However it should be noted that Turkey is currently (March 2022) enduring high numbers of Covid cases as the omicron variant continues to spread around the country. Please inform yourself in World Health Organization’s website.

Travelers of all nationalities who meet Turkey’s immigration regulations can enter the country following the rules outlined below.

As always, foreigners need a passport and a valid visa.

Visitors should check the latest lockdown update and travel advisories. Turkey travel restrictions for tourists are under constant review as the international situation evolves.


Covid-19 came late to Turkey – on 11 March – but soon singed every corner of the country. Within a month all 81 provinces had been affected.

It was one of the fastest growing outbreaks in the world – worse than China or the UK. There were fears that the death toll would soar turning Turkey into another Italy, which was then the hardest hit country.

Turkey fits in the category of several countries that responded fairly quickly with testing, tracing, isolation and movement restrictions. It’s a fairly small club of countries that have been quite effective in reducing the viral spread.

As of March 2022, restrictions have been eased to an all time minimum. (Image Credit: Reuters)

Negative COVID-19 test requirement for Turkey

Passengers over the age of 12 must have a document showing a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Turkey. Either:

  • PCR test taken in the last 72 hours
  • Rapid antigen test taken in the last 48 hours


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The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine is incredibly sad and destabilizing for the region and possibly the entire world in both economic ramifications and the world security infrastructure point of view, let alone the moral implications. However, there’s still no reason to think it should impact the security of travelers to and from Turkey. If anything, again, unfortunately, fewer Russian and Ukrainian tourists will mean lower prices and more accommodation for the rest.

Turkey and Ukraine have a long chronology of historical, geographic, and cultural contact. Diplomatic relations between both countries were established in early 1990s when Turkey became one of the first states in the world to announce officially about recognition of sovereign Ukraine.

Plus, the Turkish lira is unfortunately at an all time low against the dollar, euro, pound, etc., – it’s sad for us locals but it’s never been a better time to explore this gorgeous country for foreigners.

And if all that was not enough to convince you, here’s a closing quote from an anonymous source:

Worrying about the risk of travel feels like worrying about being struck by lightning.

Travel Rules of Countries

If you have a travel plan in the near future, we recommend you to check the entry admission rules of the respective countries for a safe and proper flight. By entering your passport information, your country of departure and destination, and your vaccination status, you can quickly learn the effective rules and the current vaccination and PCR requirements in the respective countries.